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Graduate Student Mentors

Graduate student mentors are available for meetings with undergraduate students to discuss their work or questions undergraduate students might have about sociology as a discipline, graduate school, careers, etc. When considering a senior thesis topic, students may also find it helpful to meet with a graduate student specializing in that area of research.

Meetings with graduate student mentors are by appointment only. You may email a mentor directly, or email to be scheduled according to mentor availability.

Graduate Student Name and Email Year in Program Research Interests Research Methods Non-Academic Expertise
Nicholas Bascuñan-Wiley
1st Identity formation in diasporic communities, migration and transnational networks, and Middle East Studies Interviews, ethnography International travel and internships

Anya Degenshein

6th Criminal justice, law and society, social and economic inequality, deviance, theory, risk, surveillance Ethnography Court advocate in Manhattan for 2 years, English teacher in Chile for 1.5 years

Gabriela Kirk

2nd Criminal justice, urban sociology, social and economic inequality In-depth interviewing, ethnography Nonprofit consulting work

Jeremy Kuperberg

2nd Ethnic conflict, law and society, post-conflict processes, collective memory Interviews, comparative-historical Education, international nonprofit work

Alyssa Lynne

2nd Gender, transgender studies, medical sociology, Southeast Asia In-depth interviewing, ethnography AmeriCorps for 1 year, Trader Joe's Crew for 1 year, Health Insurance Navigator for 2 years

Anna Michelson

3rd Cultural sociology, popular culture and media, gender/sexuality, education Ethnography, Interviews, and limited experience with comparative-historical and content analysis AmeriCorps for 2 years

Stefan Vogler

6th Gender, sexuality, law, and science and knowledge Content analysis, historical/ comparative, interviews, and ethnography Finance
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