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Race and Society

Fall 2019 Schedule

Winter 2020 Schedule

Spring 2020 schedule

Select Mondays, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Department of Sociology
Sociology Seminar Room, Room 107
1812 Chicago Avenue, Evanston Campus

Coordinator: Quincy Stewart and Michael Rodriguez
Student Coordinator: Dominique Adams-Romena, Brandon Alston, Kenneth Pass

The Race and Society Workshop, an interdisciplinary workshop located within the Department of Sociology, focuses on race as a subject of scholarly inquiry and a framing category for a variety of social relations. These relations include everyday social interactions, institutional structures, symbolic and cultural meanings, and more, all of which enable and/or constrain social life. They also occur in contexts that move within and transcend local and national boundaries. Race is a critical force in the construction of myriad aspects of society and human life. The R&S Workshop is invested in supporting graduate students and faculty to produce theoretically and empirically-rich research that takes this into account.

The R&S Workshop will, unless otherwise stated, meet 4-5 times throughout each quarter on selected Mondays at 5-6pm. Workshop attendees will respond, ask questions, and take part in a collective dialogue.

Through this collective dialogue, the R&S Workshop will create a persistent community and network of people to expand the field of race scholarship. The workshop is an effort to provide a space for scholars, across disciplines and methods, to probe social analyses of race as it pertains to life, politics, inequalities, difference, place, and culture.

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