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Steven Epstein, (847) 491-5536

Associate Chair

Christine Percheski, (847) 491-2697


Director of Graduate Studies

Monica Prasad, (847) 491-3899

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Anthony Chen, (847) 467-0515

Student Liaisons

GSA Liaisons (University-wide)

Alyssa Lynne
Gershwin Penn

SAB Liaisons (University-wide)

SAB: Helen Rucinski
Alternate: Anne Zola


Business Administrator

Ryan Sawicki, (847) 467-1328

Manages staff and maintains records, supervises budgets, assigns space and offices, compiles departmental information, and acts as the Operations/Building Manager.

Program Assistant III

Murielle Harris (847) 491-3244

Coordinates the department's weekly Colloquium Series and publicizes the event to the greater campus audience. Coordinates faculty searches and updates the web page.

Graduate Program Assistant

TBA, (847) 491-2698

Compiles and maintains the graduate student applications and the records of those admitted. Supervises graduate registration, processes inquiries and assists new cohorts.

Undergraduate Program Assistant

TBA, (847) 491-5415

Department receptionist, supervises undergraduate registration, process incoming/outgoing mail, and maintains class schedules and department form

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