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Year Name Dissertation Title
2017 Adipa, Priscilla Engaging spaces, engaged audiences: The socio-spatial context of cultural experiences in art galleries and art museums
2017 Conwell, Jordan All Money is Not Created Equal: Racial Differences in Students' Educational Returns to Parental Income
2017 Forrat, Natalia The Infrastructure of Authoritarianism: State-Society Relationship, Public Sector Organizations and Regime Resilience in Putin's Russia
2017 Forstie, Clare Community Is Wherever These Friends Are: LGBTQ Friendships and Ambivalent Community in River City
2017 Galonnier, Juliette Choosing Faith and Facing Race: Converting to Islam in France and the United States
2017 Hanson, Anna Follow the Money: Risk, Transparency, and Financial Regulation in the Age of Terror
2017 Jao, Yu-Han Educational Standardization and Inequality of Educational Opportunity. A Comparative Study on East Asia
2017 Kovalsky, Elyse Foreclosed: Economic Decision-Making in Insecure Households
2017 Kozlowska, Iga Memory Entrepreneurs and the "Invisible Iron Curtain": Transnationalizing Historical Memories
2017 Loughran, Kevin Race and the Construction of City and Nature
2017 Mangione, Gemma Making Sense of Things: Access and the Therapeutic Turn in Museum Gardens and Galleries
2017 Matlhare, Sakhile "Africanness" as a Professional Trading Chip: Contemporary African Artists as Producers and Secondary Arbiters in the Gatekeeping Process
2017 Naguib, Rim Intelligentsia Class Formation and Ideologies in Peripheral Societies: Comparing Egypt and Iran, 1922-1952
2017 Owens, Kellie Too Much of a Good Thing: Risk Perception and Practice Variation in Contemporary American Childbirth
2017 Rodriguez-Franco, Diana Participatory Institutions and Environmental Protection: Popular and Prior Consultations in Latin America
2017 Sanchez Cardenas, Ricardo Decolonizing Nation-States in Latin/x America: Twenty First Century Postcolonial Constitutionalism and the Paradoxes of (Trans)nationalism, 1989-2014
2017 Sargent, Brian Broken Promises: Neoliberalism and Embedded Logics of Racial Domination in Community Development Policy Implementation

Wohl, Hannah

Creative Visions: Innovation and Style in the Production of Contemporary Art

Brewster, Kiyona

Stepping Out on Faith: Family, Gender, and Religious Belonging in the African American Church
2016 Headworth, Spencer Policing Welfare: Investigation and Punishment in Public Assistance
2016 Asante, Kofi 'Purchased allies' or 'thorns in the government's side'?: African Merchants and Colonial State Formation in the Nineteenth Century Gold Coast
2016 Robinson, John Poverty, Place and Portfolio: Managing Neighborhood Inequalities in the Finance-Driven Economy
2016 Demetry, Daphne Episodic Organizations: Pop-up and Underground Restaurants and the Temporality of Organizational Life
2016 Finch, Mary Beth Selling Fair Trade: Markets, Morality and Ambiguity
2015 Goens, Dawna Doubly Insecure: The Experiences of Blacks and Latinos with Labor Market Intermediaries
2015 Kosbie, Jeffrey Contested Identities: A History of LGBT Legal Mobilization and the Ethics of Impact
2015 Koski, Jessica Human Rights and the Warming World: Knowing Climate Change as a Socio-Legal Problem
2015 Munch, Steven Essays on the Diffusion of State Corporate Law
2015 Puckett, Cassidy The Geek Instinct: Technological Change, Digital Adaptability, and Social Inequality
2015 Weinberg, Jill Regulating Legal Consent: Policing Good and Bad Pain
2014 Penet, Pierre Calculating and Governing Risk in Times of Crisis: The Role of Credit Ratings in Regulatory Reasoning and Legal Change (1930s-2010s)
2014 Branigan, Amelia The Social Relevance of Visible Physical Characteristics for Educational Outcomes
2014 Kevern, Jason Differential Fertility and Social Change
2014 Onasch, Elizabeth Integration through Racialization: A Study of Symbolic Boundaries in the French Reception and Integration Contract
2014 Rosen, Jennifer Explaining Women's Parliamentary Representation: Political Institutions, Development Thresholds, and Gender Equality in National Politics
2014 Wood, Christine Making Gender Matter: Knowledge Ecologies, Contested Research Objects, and the Trajectory of Women's and Gender Studies in American Universities, 1970-2010
Dissertations Present to 1927 - Archived
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