Program Overview

Sociology at a Glance

NU Sociology at a Glance Presentation (PowerPoint)


The study of social institutions, collectivities, and groups.


  • Psychology
    • Focuses on behavior at the individual level.
  • Anthropology
    • Focuses on smaller groups and their cultures.

We ask questions like . . .

  • What role do personal connections and social networks play in producing financial crises?
  • How can social groups use the law and the legal system to produce change?
  • How do inequalities within society affect the health of individuals?

Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • B.A. in Sociology
  • Minor in Sociological Research
  • Minor in Sociological Studies


  • Economic Sociology and Global Development
  • Environment and Society
  • Social Data Research
  • Social Inequality: Class, Gender, and Race
  • Sociology of Health, Medicine, and Science
  • Sociology of Law/Law and Society
  • Urban Sociology