The Department of Sociology hosts weekly colloquia, in which speakers from a variety of distinguished institutions from the United States and other countries address a wide range of compelling topics. The colloquium occurs every Thursday, at 12:30 p.m., in Parkes Hall room 222, on the Evanston Campus. Parkes Hall is located across Chicago Ave from the Sociology Department, adjacent to Alice Millar Chapel.

For more information, please contact the department:

Phone: 847-491-5415

Faculty Coordinators: Wendy Espeland and Laura Beth Nielsen
Staff Coordinator: Murielle Harris

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2010 - 2016 Past Colloquia Guest Speakers


Date Speaker
01/12/17 Marco Garrido
Department of Sociology, University of Chicago
01/19/17 Álvaro Morcillo Laiz
Department of International Studies, Center for Teaching and Research in Economics (CIDE)
01/24/17 Andrew Papachristos
Department of Sociology, Yale University
02/02/17 Bridget Goosby
Department of Sociology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
02/03/17 Thinking Outside the Box: How to Forge Your Own Path with a Sociology PhD
11:00 - 12:30 p.m.
Ruan Conference Center, Lower Level, 600 Foster, Evanston Campus
02/07/17 Elizabeth Bruch
Department of Sociology, University of Michigan
02/09/17 Jason Beckfield
Department of Sociology, Harvard University
02/16/17 Elizabeth Chiarello
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Saint Louis University
03/02/17 Aliza Luft
Department of Sociology. University of California, Los Angeles 
03/09/17 Christopher Jencks
Department of Sociology, Harvard University