Visiting Faculty

Ayça Alemdaroğlu | Research Assistant Professor

Ayça Alemdaroğlu
  • Specialty Area(s):  Political Sociology; Sex and Gender; Urban
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Political sociology, urban sociology, sociology of youth, and gender and sex
  • E-mail:

Jackson Christopher Bartlett | Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology

Jackson Christopher Bartlett
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Urban Governance; Race, Gender, and Sexuality; Qualitative Methods; Political Economy
  • Office Location: 1808 Chicago Ave, Rm 105
  • E-mail:

Sinan Erensu | Keyman Postdoctoral Fellow

Sinan Erensu
  • Specialty Area(s):  Development and Change; Economic Sociology; Environment and Technology; Urban
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Theory, Political Sociology, Historical/Comparative Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Social Movements, Development
  • Office Location: 1812 Chicago Ave, Rm 109
  • E-mail:

Stefan Henning | Visiting Assistant Professor

Stefan Henning
  • Specialty Area(s):  Religion
  • Area(s) of Interest:  20th Century Chinese History, Anthropology of Muslim Societies, Religious Activism, Friedrich Nietzsche
  • E-mail:

Jeanne Lazarus | Visiting Scholar

Jeanne Lazarus
  • Specialty Area(s):  Economic Sociology
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Money, Credit and Banking; Financialization; Social Policy; Poverty
  • Phone: (847) 491-8266
  • Office Location: 2211 Campus Drive, 3rd Floor, Room 3361
  • E-mail:

Aaron Norton | Visiting Assistant Professor in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Sociology

Aaron Norton
  • Specialty Area(s):  Social Psychology
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Gender and Sexuality Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Social Studies of Risk, Biopolitics and HIV/AIDS
  • Phone: (847) 467-4139
  • E-mail:

Onur Özgöde | Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow

Onur Özgöde
  • Specialty Area(s):  Culture; Economic Sociology; Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Science, Knowledge/Technology; Theory
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Money, Credit, and Finance; Economic Governance and Policy; State; Capitalism; Economy and Society; Sociology of Expertise and Calculation
  • Office Location: 1812 Chicago Ave, Room 305
  • E-mail:

Irene Pang | Post Doctoral Fellow

Irene Pang
  • Specialty Area(s):  Development and Change; Political Sociology; Qualitative Methodology
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Development, Citizenship, Labor, Comparative Research, Ethnography, China, India
  • Office Location: 1800 Sherman Ave
  • E-mail: