Faculty Books

  • Imperiled Innocents - Essential Writings of Thorstein Veblen

  • Money and Credit - Risk Across Borders

  • Sustaining Faith Traditions in America - The Fifth Freedom

  • The Struggle for Water - Three Shots at Prevention

  • Tiny Publics - Regression Models for Categorial Dependent Variables Using Stata

  • Cultures and Socities in a Changing World - Justice in the Balkans

  • For the Sake of the Children - Foundations of Multimethod Research

  • Complex Inequality - Oppositional Consciousness

  • Handbook of Employment Discrimination Research - Theoretical and Empirical Studies of Rights

  • Remaking Modernity - Black on the Block

  • The Land of Too Much - The New Welfare Bureaucrats

  • Symbols, Selves and Social Reality


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Careers with a Sociology Major

Documentary-Vietnam: Canada's Shadow War

 CBC television is premiering it's documentary, "Vietnam: Canada's Shadow War," on March 26 marking the fall of Saigon and featuring "insightful interviews ..., including draft evader John Hagan, author of Northern Passage: American Vietnam War Resisters in Canada."  The website includes vintage images from the era!  

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What is Sociology and Why Study It?

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Fulbright Award (2015)

Iga Kozlowska, PhD. Candidate

Iga Kozlowska, received the Fulbright Award 2015-16 to complete her dissertation work in Poland. The title of her dissertation is "Polish Memory Entrepreneurs and the Invisible Iron Curtain."

The following is a short description of her disseration project.

"If the experience of communist totalitarianism is not accepted as a persistent element of European identity, true and successful integration will be impossible," announced Lukasz Kaminski, a Polish historian, in 2008. Twenty-five years after the 1989 revolution, some in Poland and the region still feel trapped behind an invisible Iron Curtain resulting from conflicts over historical memories of communism. This project will examine historical memory in Poland to find out how memory entrepreneurs communicate memories of communism to fellow Easterners and to Westerners in order to understand how irreconcilable memories of the past facilitate or stymie cultural integration. This Fulbright grant will facilitate an ethnography of an organization that does precisely this, the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity in Warsaw. More generally, the aim of the project is to specify under what conditions national historical memories of conflict are likely to be preserved, altered or forgotten in the transnational public sphere.

Presidential Fellowship Award (2015)

Juliette Galonnier, PhD. Candidate

Juliette’s dissertation provides a comparative analysis of the experiences of “white” converts to Islam in France and the United States. The objective of her project is to highlight the role of religion in the social construction of race in these two countries. Juliette’s research shows that white converts to Islam often spark off reactions of astonishment, incredulity and fear because of the perceived discrepancy between the color of their skin and their religious choice. Continue ...




The Sociology PhD candidates received a Buffett Institute Dissertation Research Travel Award to support their dissertation project.

Kofi Asante: project title, “Collusion, Collaboration and Conflict: How Indigenous Gold Coast Merchants shaped Colonial State Formation, 1850-1950.

Robin Bartram: project title, “Housing Court, Building Inspections and the Social and Physical Characteristics of Building Code Violations.

Marie Laperriere: project, “Intersectionality and Gender-Based Violence: Tensions, Narratives and Claims.

Kangsan Lee: project, “How success travels: Producer’s status transitivity and audiences’ taste network in international art markets, New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Seoul between 1998-2012.

Alka Menon: project, “Constructing the “Ethnic” Body: Race and Identity in Cosmetic Surgery in Multiethnic Societies.

Nevena Radoynovska: project, “Social Entrepreneurship in the Banlieues: Meanings, Ecosystems and Promise(s).

Talia Shiff: project, “A Critical History of Deportation Reliefs: Competing Notions of Membership and Illegality.


In addition, a Sociology PhD candidate received a Buffett Institute Crown Family Middle East Research Travel Award

Magda Boutros: project, “Exploratory dissertation research: Collective mobilization and legality in Egypt.




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Northwestern Sociology Ranks #4 in
Survey of Top Sociology Graduate Programs

Based on Student Assessment

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Awards, Prizes, Fellowships . . .

Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award

Monica Prasad (Northwestern University) for The Land of Too Much: American Abundance and the Paradox of Poverty and Robert Sampson (Harvard University) for Great American City: Chicago and the Enduring Neighborhood Effect

This annual award is given for a single book or monograph published in the three preceding calendar years.

- See more at: http://www.asanet.org/footnotes/feb14/asa_awards_0214.html#sthash.qGSsw0dV.dpuf

Brittany Friedman has received a Graduate Fellowship for Ethnic Minorities from the American Society of Criminology to conduct research in the area of correctional systems, criminal organizations, and political ideology. The fellowship is designed to encourage doctoral students of color to enter into the field of criminology and criminal justice. Brittany will accept the award in November at the annual ASC meeting in San Francisco, California. (2014)

Carol Heimer has received the Star-Nelkin Award from the Science, Knowledge and Technology (SKAT) section of American Sociological Association for her paper on "Inert Facts and the Illusion of Knowledge: Strategic Uses of Ignorance in HIV Clinics" (Economy and Society 41(1):17-41, published in February 2012) (2014)

Hannah Wohl has been awarded this year's Herbert Blumer Graduate Student Paper Award for "Modeling Judgement: Interacting Appropriately in an Erotic Arts Club." Drawing on interviews and two years of participant observation in a "sensual" figure drawing class, this paper examines the general phenomenon of how individuals act appropriately in face-to-face interactions when social rules never fully circumscribe the situation. (2014)

Alka Menon has been awarded a Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council. Alka will participate in the dissertation development group on the topic of “Making the Biotech Body: Technologies, Knowledge, and Global Markets.” The fellowship includes funds for her to conduct preliminary research this summer to develop her prospectus. (2014)

Jordan Conwell received an honorable mention from the Ford Foundation Fellowship Program (2014). Ford Foundation Fellowship awards are offered at the Predoctoral, Dissertation and Postdoctoral levels and awarded in a national competition. In the judgment of the review panels,candidates have demonstrated superior academic achievement, are committed to a career in teaching and research at the college or university level, show promise of future achievement as scholars and teachers, and are well prepared to use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.

Latest Faculty Books

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Wendy Griswold
Cultures and Societies
In A Changing World -
4th Edition
Sage Publications, 2012

Gary Fine
Symbols, Selves,
and Social Reality.

Oxford University
Press, Fourth Edition,

Monica Prasad
The Land of Too Much:
American Abundance and
the Paradox of Poverty

Harvard University
Press, 2012


Leslie McCall
The Undeserving Rich
American Beliefs about
Inequality, Opportunity
and Redistribution

Press, 2013


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