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Melike Arslan

Area(s) of Interest

Socio-Legal Studies, Economic Sociology, Comparative-Historical Methods, Globalization, Institutions and Economic Development.

I am a 5th year PhD Candidate in Sociology, a graduate student fellow at Comparative-Historical Social Sciences (CHSS) program and the Center for Legal Studies, and a member of the Global Capitalism and Law Research Group at Buffett Institute for Global Studies. My research investigates how the globally promoted laws on trade and finance transform the institutions and professions in the developing countries adopting these laws, and how these countries in return create more localized interpretations and implementations of these laws. I argue that this interaction between the global and the local systems of law is shaped by the international connections of legal implementers including judges, lawyers, prosecutors and inspectors, and I use various empirical methodologies, including comparative case study, statistics, text-as-data and interviews to examine this.

My previous research looked at the bankruptcy law reforms and the reorganization bankruptcy procedures in developing economies, and the transnational legal indicators (TLIs) used by the World Bank to influence these legal reforms. Currently, I am conducting my dissertation research on the antitrust laws (also called competition law) in Turkey and Mexico - two developing economies of similar size, both civil law countries and both under close pressure from their advance economy neighbors, the US and the EU, to adopt their legal institutions.

Dissertation committee: Bruce Carruthers, James Mahoney, Robert Braun (UC-Berkeley)

Publications and Work in Progress

Carruthers, Bruce and Melike Arslan, “Money and Law”, Annual Review of Law and Social Science, forthcoming in October 2019.

Arslan, Melike, “Why Does the Doing Business Project Conflate the Performance and the Quality of Law?”, journal article manuscript under preparation.

Arslan, Melike, “Politics of Debt Reorganization and Bankruptcy Law Reform in Turkey”, journal article manuscript under preparation.
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