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Magda Boutros

Area(s) of Interest

Law & Society, Social movements, Policing, Prisons, Race & Ethnicity, Discrimination, Egypt, France

Current Research:

Dissertation: “Victims, Activists, and Experts: Mobilizations against Police Violence and Racial Profiling in France”


2018. “A multi-dimensional view of legal cynicism: Perceptions of the Police Among Anti‐harassment Teams in Egypt”, Law & Society Review, Volume 52, Issue 2, pp. 368-400.

2017. “Place and Tactical Innovation in Social Movements: The Emergence of Egypt’s Anti-Harassment Groups”, Theory and Society Volume 46, Issue 6, pp. 543-575.

2017. “Enjeux de la sécurité dans un espace révolutionnaire autonome: Les équipes d’intervention contre les agressions sexuelles place Tahrir”, Mouvements 2007/3, No 92.
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