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Kangsan Lee

Area(s) of Interest

Economic Sociology, Organizations, Sociology of Art and Consumption, Social Signals (Status and Reputation), Social Networks, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, Cultural and Creative Industries, and International Markets

Kangsan Lee is a doctoral candidate in sociology at Northwestern University, and on the 2016-2017 job market. Before joining the Ph.D. program at Northwestern, he received his M.S. and Ph.D. candidacy in Organization Studies from the Yonsei School of Business, Korea. He also worked as a museum curator for Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art in Korea. His current research examines status dynamics and organizational cognition between local and global markets, concentrating on fields that experience rapid global expansion. His dissertation reflects his interest not only in the origins and consequences of locally-constructed but globally-assigned status in international markets but also in the mechanisms of status mobility and organizational recognition between markets. The fundamental issue he addresses concerns “Why do some producers benefit from the success in their original market to achieve robust success in other markets, while others are constrained by their history of success?” The dissertation title is “How Cultural Success Travels: Status Mobility and Inconsistency in International Art Markets, 1995-2015,” and the committee members are Bruce Carruthers (chair), Jeannette Colyvas, Jeremy Freese, Wendy Griswold, and Ezra Zuckerman (external, MIT). Also, He is leading a project called, Museums, Money, and Markets: Crisis and selective imitation in US art museums 2007-2011, which examines organizational changes under economic crisis and multiple institutional logics. His research has been supported through Buffett Institute for International Studies and recognized and invited to several conferences and colloquiums, including ASA, AOM, EGOS, ACEI, University of Alberta, University of Amsterdam, University of Edinburgh, and HEC Paris. Two of his empirical studies on cultural markets were published in Poetics Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media, and the Arts (Elsevier).


PhD                    Sociology, Northwestern University, 2011 – Present (ABD; expected 2017)
MA                      Sociology, Northwestern University, 2013
PhD Candidate   Organization Theory, Yonsei University, Korea, 2011
MS                      Organization Studies, Yonsei University, Korea, 2006 (Summa Cum Laude)
Exchange (MA)   Art and Art Theory, Universite Paris 3 (Nouvelle Sorbonne), France, 2003
BA                      English & French Literature & Media Studies, Yonsei University, Korea, 2003


Refereed Article
Lee, K. (with P. Penet), 2014, "Prize & Price: The Turner Prize as a Valuation Device in the Contemporary Art Market", Poetics, Vol. 43:149-171.

Lee, K. (with D. Shin & H. Lee), 2014, “Neoliberal Marketization of Art Worlds and Status Multiplexity: Price Formation in a Korean Art Auction, 1998-2007”, Poetics, Vol. 43: 120-148.

Lee, K. (with S. Yi & S. Kim), 2007, "The Overseas Expansion of Korean Film to the Domestic, Global, and Transnational Culture Contents", Korean Management Review, Vol. 36(6): 1449-1474.

Journal Articles Under Review
Lee, K. & Jeannette Colyvas, “Status devices and Status mobility between markets: How does status cross the boundary of local and global markets?,” (Under Review).

Lee, K. & Bruce Carruthers “Museums, Money, and Markets: the adoption of market practices in US art museums 2007-2011,” (Under Review).

Lee, K. (with P. Chang), “The Structure of Protest Cycles: Contagion and Cohesion in South Korea’s Democracy Movement,” (Under Review).

Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

Exchange Researcher Fellowship, 2015-2016, Sciences Po Paris, France.

Buffett Institute Dissertation Research Award, 2015 & 2016, Buffett Institute for International   Studies at Northwestern University.

Best Published Paper, The Robert F. Winch Memorial Award, 2014, Department of Sociology, Northwestern University.

MacArthur Collaborative Summer Research Grant, 2013, Department of Sociology, Northwestern University.

Conference Travel Grant, 2013, 2014 The Graduate School and Department of Sociology, Northwestern University.

Graduate Student Fellowship, 2011-12, 2014, The Graduate School, Northwestern University.

Best Paper Award, "Overseas Expansion Strategy of Korean Cultural Industry", The Ministry of Culture and Tourism & Korean Academy Society of Business Administration (KASBA), 2007

Duo-France Fellowship, ASEM-Duo Fellowship, ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting), University of Paris 3 (Nouvelle Sorbonne) 2002

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