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Hannah Wohl (Ph.D. 2017)

Area(s) of Interest

Culture; Markets; Knowledge; Valuation and Judgment; Theory; Qualitative Methods.


Creative Visions (under contract, University of Chicago Press) examines how contemporary artists produce their work, and how artists’ participation in the art market influences these processes of production. I conducted over 100 in-depth interviews with artists, dealers, curators, private collectors, and art advisors, as well as two years of ethnographic field work in the New York City art market. I show that artists’ creative practices share a consistent structure within which artists apply common forms of judgment, leading to the production of certain kinds of artworks. Specifically, I reveal how artists develop distinctive signature styles and how perceptions of their signature styles circulate through the art market, enabling and constraining future creative decisions. By analyzing creative production through individuals’ moments of judgment, I offer a new prospective by which to study creative production across fields.


Wohl, Hannah. Creative Visions: Innovation and Style in the Production of Contemporary Art (under contract, University of Chicago Press).
Wohl, Hannah. "Somatic Security: Negotiating Appropriateness in Sexualized Interactions." Qualitative Sociology 40(2):237-257.
Wohl, Hannah. 2015. “Community Sense: The Cohesive Power of Aesthetic Judgment.” Sociological Theory 33(4):299-326.
Griswold, Wendy, and Hannah Wohl. 2015. “Evangelists of Culture: One Book Programs and the Agents who Define Literature, Shape Tastes, and Reproduce Regionalism.” Poetics 50:96-109.


ASA Consumer and Consumption Section Best Student Paper, 2017
ASA Sociology of Culture Section’s Peterson Award for Best Student Paper, 2016
ASA Sociological Theory Section’s Shils-Coleman Award for Best Student Paper, 2016
Herbert Blumer Award for Best Graduate Student Paper, Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction, 2014
Robert F. Winch Memorial Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship, 2013-2014.
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