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Grace Augustine

Area(s) of Interest

Work and Occupations; Social Movements; Field Emergence; Sustainability; Qualitative and Computational Methods

Research Overview

Grace Augustine is a Ph.D. student in Sociology, Management, and Organizations. Her work encompasses social movements, work and occupations, and field-level emergence and change. Grace’s dissertation looks at the emergence of the field of sustainability and the occupation of sustainability management, and she uses qualitative methods alongside quantitative computational text analysis to ask how disparate ideas regarding a nascent field’s principles, practices, and “rules of the game” are contested and potentially cohere over time. In addition to this work, Grace is also currently involved in projects on corporate personhood and examining projects that are proposing technological geo-engineering solutions for a sustainable future.

Dissertation Committee

Jeannette Colyvas, Wendy Espeland, Steven Epstein, Brayden King (chair), Klaus Weber
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