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Fiona C. Chin

Area(s) of Interest

Social Stratification, Political Sociology, Economic Sociology, Economically Successful Americans, Organizations, Diversity and Higher Education

BREAKING NEWS -  Northwestern graduate student Fiona Chin’s dissertation research was mentioned in The New York Times on March 29, 2015.

Fiona is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology. In an article entitled, “2016 Hopefuls and Wealthy Are Aligned on Inequality,” Noam Scheiber discusses the preliminary findings of Fiona’s research at some length. Fiona’s dissertation project builds on the research of Benjamin I. Page (Northwestern), Jason Seawright (Northwestern), and Larry M. Bartels (Vanderbilt), but it also goes beyond their research in important ways:

"More recently, Fiona Chin, has further investigated the subject, conducting interviews with nearly 100 other wealthy Americans across the country. Unlike Professors Page, Seawright and Bartels, whose interviewers typically spent under an hour soliciting their subjects’ views on a range of policy questions, Ms. Chin limited her discussions to inequality and often spoke with her subjects for several hours at a time.  Ms. Chin’s findings, which she is scheduled to present at a conference, are even more stark. As she puts it (summit webcast), the rich tend to see inequality “as a story about individual hard work, effort and character.”

Fiona’s dissertation advisor in the sociology department is Anthony S. Chen.

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