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Erik Lovell

Area(s) of Interest

Social Theory; Cultural Sociology; Inequality, Poverty, and Homelessness; Social Psychology and Identities; Sexualities; Religion; Sociology of Knowledge

Current Research

My current research involves evaluating the meaning and utility of current identity theories in social psychology and sexualities research. Using the LGB Mormons as a case study, I am investigating how identities are understood, negotiated, and expressed. Partially funded by The Sexualities Project at Northwestern (SPAN), I have conducted interviews with LGB Mormons, completed fieldwork with LGB Mormon groups, and collected articles and books written by/for LGBT Mormons. Used together, I hope to show how LGB Mormons not only negotiate between identities that are seen as incompatible, but also delve deeper into what identity even entails.


Lovell, Erik, Brent Hutchison, Ke’ala Cabulagan, John McMullin, and Curtis Child. 2015. “Homelessness and the High Performance Cycle: A New Lens for Studying Exit Strategies.” Journal of Social Service Research 41(4):508-529.

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