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Emilio Lehoucq

Area(s) of Interest

Quantification and machine learning; religion and politics; social movements and legal mobilization; methodology.

Current Research:

The growing importance of data in contemporary life motivates my current research. My dissertation focuses on understanding the rise of machine learning. Through this I seek to uncover the epistemic assumptions and cultural values that shape the forms of knowledge and expertise through which we analyze data. Beyond my dissertation research, I am also interested in data collection, privacy, and resistance. With Sidney Tarrow, I explored the emergence of a transatlantic movement for privacy.

I have also been concerned by religious influence in politics. While finishing my master’s degree in law, I conducted research on the conservative legal mobilization against LGBT rights in Colombia. Through my research in Colombia, I realized the rising importance of Evangelicals, which, in turn, drove me to one of my most recent projects on the breakdown of the Catholic order in Latin America since 1970.


Lehoucq, Emilio (first author) and Tarrow, Sidney. (Forthcoming). The Rise of a Transnational Movement to Protect Privacy. Mobilization.

Lehoucq, Emilio (first author) and Taylor, Whitney. (Forthcoming). Conceptualizing Legal Mobilization: How Should We Understand the Deployment of Legal Strategies? Law and Social Inquiry.

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