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Diego de los Rios

Area(s) of Interest

Religion, Migration and Transnationalism, Culture, & Qualitative Methods

My dissertation is a comparative ethnography of a Colombian evangelical church with branches in the Miami in the United States and Madrid, Spain. I look at three areas of religious change: First, I examine changes in religious meaning resulting from specific circumstances in each city; second, I explore how churches adapt the way they recruit members as a response to their local context; and finally, I explore how ideas about membership and belonging change between contexts, showing how each church has different ideas not just about who belongs and who does not, but also about how can potentially belong.

Galonnier, Juliette and Diego de los Rios (2016) “Teaching and Learning to be Religious: Pedagogies of Conversion to Islam and Christianity,” Sociology of Religion, 77(1), 59-81.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Latina/o Studies Program – Northwestern University

The Maurice J. and Fay B. Karpf Peace Award, Department of Sociology – Northwestern University

Constant H. Jacquet Research Award, Religious Research Association

Graduate Research Grant, The Graduate School – Northwestern University

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