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Anya Degenshein

Area(s) of Interest

Criminal Justice, Law and Society, Deviance, Security, Surveillance, Risk, Social and Economic Inequality, Urban Studies


Anya Degenshein is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Sociology at Northwestern University and a Fellow at Northwestern's Center for Legal Studies. Her research examines institutions, and the social relations within them, that exacerbate social inequality, with particular interest in the criminal justice system and urban economies. She will be spending the 2015-2016 academic year on fellowship in Paris as the Northwestern Doctoral Exchange Student at Sciences Po.

Manuscripts Under Review and In Preparation


1. Degenshein, Anya. “Strategies of Valuation: Repertoires of Worth at the Financial Margins.”


1. Degenshein, Anya. “What’s Lost in the ‘Fringe’: The Economic and Social Processes of an Urban Pawnshop.”
2. “The Salience of Sexuality: Social Meaning-Making and Researcher-Informant Relations in the Field.”
3. “Ruptured Alliances: Prosecutors, Victims, and the Legislative Fight for Discretion.”

Honors, Awards, and Grants

2015-2016 -- Sciences Po Doctoral Exchange Fellowship and Northwestern Paris Program in Critical Theory Fellow. CERI lab; Didier Bigo, tuteur.
2012-present -- Legal Studies Fellow, Center for Legal Studies, Northwestern University.
Summer 2015 -- The Sexualities Program at Northwestern (SPAN) Conference Travel Award Grant for working paper "The Salience of Sexuality: Social Meaning-Making and Researcher-Informant Relations in the Field." Declined
Summer 2013 -- MacArthur Summer Research Grant, with John Hagan, for "Share Meaning, Shrouded Legitimacy, and Ruptured Alliances: The Creation of Prosecutorial Power in the Legislative Arena."
2012-2013 -- University Fellowship, The Graduate School, Northwestern University.
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