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Tony Silva

Postdoctoral Fellow, Joint Appointment in the Sociology Department and the Program of Gender and Sexuality Studies

Area(s) of Interest

Inequality, Gender, Sexuality, Family, Rural Sociology, and Qualitative and Quantitative Methods


Tony Silva is a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University. His research and teaching interests include inequality, gender, sexuality, family, rural sociology, and qualitative and quantitative methods. Using interviews and nationally representative survey data, his research examines how social contexts and intersecting social identities affect how individuals identify their sexuality and gender and select romantic partners. 

His published papers appear in Social Forces, Sociological Perspectives, Sexuality Research and Social Policy, Gender & Society, and Sexualities.

Courses taught

SOCIOL 376/GSS 331: Masculinities Syllabus

Sexuality and Society


Silva, Tony J. 2018. “Straight Identity and Same-Sex Desire: Conservatism, Homophobia, and Straight Culture.” Social Forces.

Silva, Tony J., and Rachel Bridges Whaley. 2018. “Bud-Sex, Dude-Sex, and Heteroflexible Men: The Relationship between Straight Identification and Social Attitudes in a Nationally Representative Sample of Men with Same-Sex Attractions or Sexual Practices.” Sociological Perspectives 61 (3): 426–43.

Silva, Tony J. 2017. “Bud-Sex: Constructing Normative Masculinity Among Rural Straight Men That Have Sex With Men.” Gender & Society 31(1): 51-73.
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