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Mary Beth Finch

Visiting Assistant Professor

Area(s) of Interest

Sociology of Morality, Consumers and Consumption, Culture, and Gender


Mary Beth Finch is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at Northwestern University. Her research focuses on the sociology of morality, consumer movements, and decision-making. More specifically, she studies tensions within the Fair Trade movement and the factors that motivate consumer purchases. She is currently pursuing a project that looks at the role of habit in morality. In recent years, she has been a Research Associate with the Searle Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning and the Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness at Oakton Community College. Additional areas of interest include qualitative methods, gender, culture, religion, and education.

Courses Taught

Sociology 101: Language and Power
Sociology 110: Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 226: Sociological Analysis
Sociology 302: Sociology of Organizations
Sociology 376: Born to Shop? Sociology of Consumers and Consumption
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