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Robert Braun

Assistant Professor

Area(s) of Interest

Altruism and Social Solidarity; Historical Sociology; Peace, War, and Social Conflict; Political Sociology; Sociology of Religion; Social Movements and Collective Behavior


Robert Braun received his PhD from Cornell University in 2017. He combines archival work with geographical information systems to study civil society and intergroup relationships in times of social upheaval. Braun is currently finishing a book manuscript on the protection of Jews during the Holocaust in the Low Countries. His new research project studies the political causes and consequences of anti-Semitism by exploring racial themes in German children's stories. In the past he has worked on the geographical spread of different types of political violence such as terrorism, anti-immigrant attacks and soccer hooliganism.

Courses Taught

SOCIOL 101: The Roots of Genocide Syllabus

SOCIOL 334/POLI SCI 390: Social Protest and Social Change Syllabus

SOCIOL 379/POLI SCI 389: Understanding Genocide Syllabus

SOCIOL 476: Mixed Methods for Causal Inference Syllabus

SOCIOL 476 (with Daniel Krcmaric): War and Society Syllabus

Recent Publications

R.Braun (Forthcoming) "Religious minorities and Resistance to Genocide: the collective rescue of Jews in the Netherlands during the Holocaust," American political science review.

R.Braun and M. Genkin (2014) "Cultural resonance and the diffusion of suicide bombings: the role of collectivism," Journal of conflict resolution 58(7). 

R.Braun and R. Koopmans (2014) "Watch the crowd! Bystander responses, trickle down politics and xenophobic mobilization," Comparative political studies 47(7).

R.Braun (2011) "The diffusion of extreme-right violence in the Netherlands: distance and discourse," Journal of peace research 48(6).

R.Braun and R. Koopmans (2010) "The diffusion of extreme-right violence in Germany: the role of social similarity," European sociological review 26(1).

R.Braun and R.Vliegenthart (2009) "Violent fan fluctuations: a pooled time series analysis of hooliganism," Mobilization 14(1).

R.Braun and R.Vliegenthart (2008) "The contentious fans: The impact of unemployment, repression, media coverage and aggressive play on hooliganism,"International sociology 23(6).

Jan Germen Janmaat and Robert Braun (2009) "Diversity and Postmaterialism as rival perspectives in accounting for social solidarity," International journal of comparative sociology 50(1).

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