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Monica Prasad

Professor of Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies

Area(s) of Interest

Comparative Historical Analysis

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Institute for Policy Research


Monica Prasad's areas of interest are comparative historical sociology, economic sociology, and political sociology. She has published books and articles on the rise of neoliberalism, the development of tax systems, the effects of carbon taxes, and the persistence of poverty in America. 

Her most recent book The Land of Too Much (co-winner of the American Sociological Association's award for the best book in sociology) develops a demand-side theory of comparative political economy to explain the surprisingly large role of the state in the U.S., its origins in the 19th century revolution in agricultural productivity, and its consequences for undermining a European-style welfare state and leaving U.S. economic growth dependent on "mortgage Keynesianism."

In 2015-2016 she will be a fellow at the Russell Sage Foundation, working on a book about the origins of the 1981 "Laffer curve" tax cut.

Courses Taught

SOCIOL 324: Global Capitalism Syllabus

SOCIOL 398-1: Senior Research Seminar Syllabus

SOCIOL 476: Global Capilalism Syllabus

SOCIOL 476: Political Sociology Syllabus

SOCIOL 476: Neoliberalism Syllabus

SOCIOL 476: Research Design Syllabus


The Land of Too Much: American Abundance and the Paradox of Poverty; Harvard University Press, 2012 -- data and calculations

The Politics of Free Markets: The Rise of Neoliberal Economic Policies in Britain, France, Germany, and the United States;University of Chicago Press, 2006

The New Fiscal Sociology: Taxation in Comparative and Historical Perspective;
Co-edited with Isaac Martin and Ajay Mehrotra; Cambridge University Press, 2009


The Popular Origins of Neoliberalism in the Reagan Tax Cut of 1981; Journal of Policy History; Cambridge University Press, 2012

Lessons from Environmental Taxes in Europe; Government and Markets (Chapter 11)
Edward J. Balleisen and David A. Moss; Cambridge University Press, 2010

The Origins of Tax Systems; With Kimberly J. Morgan; American Journal of Sociology, 2009

Three Theories of the Crisis; Accounts (ASA) (Essay); Economic Sociology Newsletter, 2009

Symposium on the Politics of Free Markets; ASA Political Sociology, 2007

Why Is France So French?; American Journal of Sociology, 2005


Data and Calculations for Land of Too Much

France Interwar Departmental Data

Interviews for "Walking the Line" article

Comparative Taxation Dataset

Comparative Taxation Dataset Codebook

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