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Spring 2020 Class Schedule

SOCIOL 110-0Introduction to SociologyDavid Schieber 
SOCIOL 202-0Social ProblemsStaff 
sociol 215-0Economy and SocietyBruce Carruthers 
sociol 217-0Global Perspectives on EducationStaff 
SOCIOL 226-0Sociological AnalysisKarrie Snyder 
SOCIOL 227-0Legal Studies Research MethodsBob Nelson 
SOCIOL 302-0Sociology of OrganizationsDavid Schieber 
SOCIOL 303-0Analysis and Interpretation of Social DataJean Clipperton 
SOCIOL 319-0Sociology of ScienceMadeleine Pape  
SOCIOL 327-0Youth and SocietyKarrie Snyder 
SOCIOL 333-0Sociology of Gender and Sexuality in the Middle EastAyça Alemdaroğlu 
SOCIOL 356-0Sociology of GenderAnn Orloff 
SOCIOL 376-0Charts, Graphs, Data Quincy Stewart 
SOCIOL 376-0HeterosexualitiesHéctor Carrillo  
SOCIOL 392-0SeminarStaff 
SOCIOL 401-2Statistical Analysis of Social Data: Applied Regression Methods IIJulia Behrman 
SOCIOL 437-0Economic SociologyBruce Carruthers 
SOCIOL 476-0Research DesignJulia Behrman 
SOCIOL 476-0Race and TheoryMichael Rodríguez-Muñiz 
SOCIOL 476-0Demographic MethodsQuincy Stewart 
SOCIOL 476-0Health, Illness, and BiomedicineSteven Epstein 
sociol 476-0Business and Society Anthony Chen 
Sociol 570-0Seminar on College TeachingStaff 
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