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Spring 2018 Class Schedule

SOCIOL 101-6First-Year Seminar: (Race and) Sex in the CityJackson BartlettMW   12:30-1:50
SOCIOL 110Intro to SociologyCraig RawlingsMWF  12:00-12:50
SOCIOL 208Race and SocietyQuincy StewartTTh  11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 210Families and SocietyChristine PercheskiMW  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 218Education and Inequality: Focus on Chicago Public SchoolsKarrie SnyderMW  11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 220Health, Biomedicine, Culture, and SocietySteven EpsteinTTh  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 226Sociological AnalysisJackson BartlettMW  2:00-3:20
SOCIOL 227Legal Studies Research MethodsBob NelsonTTh  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 232Sexuality and SocietyHector CarrilloTTh  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 302Sociology of OrganizationsCraig RawlingsMW  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 303Analysis and Interpretation of Social DataJean ClippertonMW  12:30-1:50
SOCIOL 305Population DynamicsChristine PercheskiTTh  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 316Economic Sociology: Capitalism and CrisisOnur OzgodeTTh   11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 327Youth and SocietyKarrie SnyderMW  2:00-3:20
SOCIOL 329Field Research and Methods of Data CollectionKarrie SnyderTTh  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 332Work and OccupationsAnn OrloffTTh  5:00-6:20
SOCIOL 333Sociology of Gender and Sexuality in the Middle EastAyca AlemdarogluTTh  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 334Social Protest and Social Change Around the WorldRobert BraunMW  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 356Sociology of Gender: Gender, Politics, Social Movements, and PolicyAnn OrloffTTh  2:00-3:20
SOCIOL 376Energy, Politics, and SocietySinan ErensuMW  11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 376The CarAl HunterTTh  11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 376College LifeAnthony JohnsonMW  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 379Understanding GenocideRobert BraunMW  12:30-1:50
SOCIOL 401-2Statistical Analysis of Social Data: Applied Regression Methods IILincoln QuillianTTh  2:00-3:20
SOCIOL 403Field MethodsCarol HeimerTh  3:30-6:50
SOCIOL 406-2Race, Gender, Du Bois and Sociological TheoryAldon MorrisT  9:30-12:20
SOCIOL 476Topics in Sociological Analysis: Interview MethodsCeleste Watkins-HayesW  9:30-12:20
SOCIOL 476Topics in Sociological Analysis: Sociology of Health, Illness, and BiomedicineSteven EpsteinM  9:00-11:50
SOCIOL 476Topics in Sociological Analysis: Demography: Methods of Population AnalysisQuincy StewartW  2:00-4:50
SOCIOL 476Topics in Sociological Analysis: Law & Global CapitalismBruce Carruthers & Stephen NelsonM  1:00-3:50
SOCIOL 570Seminar on College TeachingErik LovellTh  9:30-11:20
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