AY 2017-18 Schedule

**All listings tentative until courses go live for registration in Caesar**

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SOCIOL 101 Scandals & Reputations Gary Fine Fall
SOCIOL 101 Teens, Tweens, & Adolescents Karrie Snyder Fall
SOCIOL 101 The Roots of Genocide Robert Braun Winter
SOCIOL 101 TBA Aldon Morris Spring
SOCIOL 101 TBA Jackson Bartlett Spring
SOCIOL 110 Intro to Sociology Craig Rawlings Fall/Winter/Spring
SOCIOL 201 Social Inequality: Race, Class, & Power Beth Red Bird Winter
SOCIOL 202 Social Problems Karrie Snyder Fall
SOCIOL 206 Law & Society Joanna Grisinger (fall)/Heather Schoenfeld (winter) Fall/Winter
SOCIOL 207 Cities & Society Mary Pattillo Fall
SOCIOL 208 Race & Society Quincy Stewart Spring
SOCIOL 210 Families & Society Christine Percheski Spring
SOCIOL 211 Food & Society Susan Thistle Winter
SOCIOL 212 Environment & Society Susan Thistle Fall
SOCIOL 215 Economy & Society Jackson Bartlett Fall
SOCIOL 216 Gender & Society Jackson Bartlett Winter
SOCIOL 218 Education & Inequality Karrie Snyder Spring
SOCIOL 220 Health, Biomedicine, Culture, & Society Steven Epstein Spring
SOCIOL 226 Sociological Analysis Irene Pang Winter
SOCIOL 227 Legal Studies Research Methods Bob Nelson Spring
SOCIOL 232 Sexuality & Society Hector Carrillo Spring
SOCIOL 288 Institutions & Society Jean Clipperton Winter
SOCIOL 301 Urbanization & Urbanism Al Hunter Fall
SOCIOL 302 Sociology of Organizations Craig Rawlings Fall/Winter/Spring
SOCIOL 303 Analysis of Social Data Jean Clipperton Spring
SOCIOL 304 Politics of Racial Knowledge Jackson Bartlett Spring
SOCIOL 305 Population Dynamics Christine Percheski Spring
SOCIOL 306 Sociological Theory Wendy Espeland  Fall/Winter
SOCIOL 307 School & Society Karrie Snyder Winter
SOCIOL 310 Sociology of the Family Karrie Snyder Winter
SOCIOL 311 Food, Politics, & Society Susan Thistle Fall
SOCIOL 318 Sociology of Law Bob Nelson Winter
SOCIOL 323 American Sub-Cultures & Ethnic Groups Al Hunter Winter
SOCIOL 324 Global Capitalism Jackson Bartlett Fall
SOCIOL 325 Global & Local Inequalities Jackson Bartlett Winter
SOCIOL 327 Youth & Society Karrie Snyder Spring
SOCIOL 329 Field Research Karrie Snyder Spring
SOCIOL 332 Work & Occupations: Focus on Gender Ann Orloff Spring
SOCIOL 333 Sociology of Gender & Sexuality in the Middle East Ayca Alemdaroglu Spring
SOCIOL 334 Social Protests & Social Change Robert Braun Spring
SOCIOL 336 Climate Change, Policy, & Society Susan Thistle Winter
SOCIOL 345 Class & Culture Beth Red Bird Fall
SOCIOL 348 Race, Politics, & the Law Heather Schoenfeld Fall
SOCIOL 355 Sociology of Medicine Carol Heimer Winter
SOCIOL 356 Sociology of Gender Ann Orloff Spring
SOCIOL 376 Gangs Al Hunter Fall
SOCIOL 376 Sociology, Biomedicine, & HIV/AIDS Aaron Norton Fall
SOCIOL 376 Civil Society Al Hunter Winter
SOCIOL 376 Experts, Society, & Politics Onur Ozgode Winter
SOCIOL 376 Global Environmental Commons Sinan Erensu Spring
SOCIOL 376 College Life Anthony Johnson Spring
SOCIOL 376 Techno-Politics of Capitalism Onur Ozgode Spring
SOCIOL 379 Understanding Genocide Robert Braun Spring
SOCIOL 398-1 Senior Research Seminar I Anthony Chen Fall
SOCIOL 398-2 Senior Research Seminar II Anthony Chen Winter