Graduate Student Mentors

Graduate student mentors are available for meetings with undergraduate students to discuss their work or questions undergraduate students might have about sociology as a discipline, graduate school, careers, etc. When considering a senior thesis topic, students may also find it helpful to meet with a graduate student specializing in that area of research.

Meetings with graduate student mentors are by appointment only.

Graduate Student Name and Email Year in Program Research Interests Research Methods
Dominique Adams-Romena
1st Race, class, gender, inequality, cultural sociology, LGBT studies, ethnography Qualitative methods (focus groups, interviews, observations, and textual analyses)
Niamba Baskerville
1st Race, gender, sexuality, media representation, popular culture, social inequality Qualitative (content analysis and interviews) 
Josh Basseches
2nd Political sociology (especially political representation and institutions), social movements, public policy (especially environmental & climate policy) Interviews, ethnography, archival, OLS regression
Magda Boutros
3rd Crime, law and justice; social movements; the Middle East Qualitative methods (interviews, participant observation)
Lisa Buchter
1st Activist networks, identity-based social movements, discrimination Ethnography and interviews
Jordan Conwell
4th Racial inequality, education Quantitative methods (e.g., regression analysis in Stata)
Kerri Howard
3rd year Sociology (also in JD/PhD program) Immigration, discrimination, race, human rights, Mexico, legal studies, Latin America (esp. Mexico) Comparative historical methods, qualitative methods (esp. in-depth interviewing)
Yu-Han Jao
5th Education, family, stratification, East Asia Any quantitative method but more familiar with linear regression, logistic regression, causal effect estimation
Marie Laperrière
3rd Social inequality, intersectionality, social movements, women’s movements, gender-based violence Qualitative methods
Jess Meyer
4th Medical sociology, sociology of the family Quantitative methods, questionnaire design
Zach Sommers
3rd year in Sociology, 5th year overall (JD-PhD) Street crime, criminal law, law and society Quantitative methods