Nisa Goksel

Area(s) of Interest:  Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, Ethnic Conflict, Peace Activism, Post-Colonial and Nationalism Studies, and Social Movements.

Current research
My ongoing project, titled Negotiated and Contested Identities: Women’s Struggle for Peace in Turkey, is about women’s peace activism concerning the enactment of motherhood, feminism, and ethnic identity. Following this, I shift my research focus toward transnational political mobilization of immigrant women in Europe to understand women's narratives of migration and violence in the light of historical memory formation.

Spring 2013, Northwestern University Equality Development and Globalization Studies Summer Research Award

Spring 2012, Northwestern University The Sexualities Project Summer Research Grant

Spring 2011, Northwestern University Buffett Center Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Summer Research Award

Spring 2010, Northwestern University Buffett Center’s Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Research Award

Fall 2009, Mellon Foundation Fellowship