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John Hagan John D. MacArthur Professor of Sociology and Law

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Criminology and Delinquency
Law and Society

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John Hagan is the editor of Annual Review of Law and Social Science. He co-author with Alberto Palloni of “Death in Darfur” in Science and is co-author with Wenona Rymond-Richmond of the book, Darfur and the Crime of Genocide (Cambridge University Press 2009). He developed an early interest in the social organization of subjective justice that is continued in his 2005 American Sociological Review article with Carla Shedd and Monique Payne on race, ethnicity and perceptions of criminal injustice. His articles and book, Structural Criminology, present a power-control theory of crime and delinquency. Power-control theory also plays a role in his work with Holly Foster in their 2001 American Sociological Review paper on The End of Adolescence.

Hagan's Presidential Address to the American Society of Criminology underlined the role of poverty in crime. This theme is central to his research with Bill McCarthy on homeless youth for their book, Mean Streets. As a Guggenheim Fellow, Hagan studied the migration of American Vietnam war resisters to Canada that is described in the book Northern Passage. Hagan's recent work has focused on the international tribunal where Slobodan Milosevic was tried. His book, Justice in the Balkans, is a social history of this tribunal. This project is further developed in Law and Society Review and Law and Social Inquiry articles with Sanja Kutnjak Ivokovic, Ron Levi and Gabrielle Ferrales. A co-authored review essay with Heather Schoenfeld on war crimes in the Balkans and Darfur appeared recently in the Annual Review of Sociology.

He is the recent co-author of “Death in Darfur” in Science, “Racial Targeting of Sexual Violence in Darfur” in the American Journal of Public Health, and of “The Collective Dynamics of Racial Dehumanization and Genocidal Victimization” in the American Sociological Review.
A paper with Gabrielle Ferrales and Guillermina Jasso on “How Law Rules: Torture, Terror and the Normative Judgments of Iraqi Judges” received the 2009 Best Article Prize from the Law and Society Association.

Courses Taught

SOCIOL 206-0: Law and Society
SOCIOL 308-0: Sociology of Deviance and Crime Syllabus
SOCIOL 476 Special Topics: Sociology of Crime


Who Are the Criminals? The Politics of Crime Policy in the Age of Roosevelt to the Age of Reagan Princeton University Press, 2010

Darfur and the Crime of Genocide
Co-authored with Wenona Rymond-Richmond,
Cambridge University Press, 2008

Justice in the Balkans: Prosecuting War Crimes at The Hague Tribunal 
University of Chicago Press, 2003

Northern Passage: American Vietnam War Resisters in Canada
Harvard University Press, 2001

Gender in Practice: A Study of Lawyers’ Lives
(with Fiona Kay), Oxford University Press, 1995

Published Articles

"Children of the American Prison Generation: Student and School Spillover Effect of Incarcerating Mothers” (with Holly Foster) Law & Society Review 46(1): 37-69.

“Intergenerational Educational Effects of Mass Imprisonment in America” (with Holly Foster) Sociology of Education 85(3):259-286.

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