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Arthur Stinchcombe

Professor Emeritus

  • (847) 373-3734
  • Library Carrel 3667-0, on 3E, near call #s starting with 915. Green paper on windows.
  • Office Hours: By appointment: Call 1(847) 373 3734

Area(s) of Interest

Science and Technology, Economy and Society


Emeritus Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley 1960.  Areas of interest include law and society; science and technology; economy and society. He used quantitative methods in Rebellion in a High School and in Crime and Punishment (with co-authors); historical methods in Theoretical Methods in Social History and Economic Sociology, and field methods in the studies of organizations reported in Organization Theory and Project Management (with Carol Heimer). His last book, The Logic of Social Research, outlines how to use historical, ethnographic, quantitative, and experimental methods to develop and text causal theories in sociology and other social sciences. Before coming to Northwestern, Stinchcombe taught at Johns Hopkins, Berkeley, the University of Chicago and the University of Arizona. He was also a visiting professor in Chile, England, the Netherlands, Norway, Australia, and the Stanford School of Business.

Research, Funding and Collaboration with Graduate Students:

(1) Current and future research projects:  His current project is on developing a sociological theory of federalism, starting with the development of different sorts of frontiers into provinces, and so far ending with an essay on the development of bilingualism among whites in South Africa, which started with some provinces speaking, reading, and writing a version of Dutch.

(2) Stinchcombe now works much less with students, and does not teach graduate classes except sometimes on request from a few students. He welcomes the chance to comment on student papers which sometimes scares the students, but sometimes improves their papers. You usually can find him in his carrel in the library. He is old.

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