Nicola Beisel | Associate Professor Emeritus

Nicola Beisel
  • Specialty Area(s):  Culture; Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Race, Gender, and Class; Sex and Gender
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Cultural Sociology, Sex and Gender
  • E-mail: nkbeisel@gmail.com

Thomas Cook | Professor Emeritus

Thomas Cook
  • Specialty Area(s):  Development and Change; Education; Social Psychology
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Social Science Methodology, Evaluation Research, Social Science of Human Development
  • E-mail: t-cook@northwestern.edu

Bernard Beck | Associate Professor Emeritus

Bernard Beck

Arthur Stinchcombe | Professor Emeritus

Arthur Stinchcombe
  • Specialty Area(s):  Economic Sociology; Law and Society
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Science and Technology, Economy and Society
  • Phone: (847) 373-3734
  • Office Location: Library Carrel 3667-0, on 3E, near call #s starting with 915. Green paper on windows.
  • E-mail: a-stinch@northwestern.edu