Christine Percheski

Christine Percheski Assistant Professor of Sociology

Mailing Address:
Department of Sociology
1810 Chicago Avenue
Evanston, IL 60208-1330

Office Address:
1812 Chicago Avenue, Room 208
Phone: (847) 491-2697

Office Hours: M 4:00-5:00 PM, TH 3:30-4:45 PM

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest

Stratification and Social Inequality
Work and Occupations


Using demographic and other quantitative methods, Christine Percheski studies how recent and ongoing changes in family life are related to changing patterns of social inequality in the United States.

Percheski's previous work has considered questions such as whether becoming a father affects employment differently for married and unmarried men, how the employment patterns of new mothers vary by whether they are married, cohabiting or lone mothers, how increases in family income inequality are related to increasing women's employment and single motherhood, and how employment patterns have changed across birth cohorts of college-educated women in professional occupations.

In her current research, Percheski is examining the relationship between family characteristics and social inequality in several domains including poverty risk during the recent recession, health insurance coverage for adults, and health care utilization among children. She is also investigating changes in American women's fertility patterns and why the percentage of men in nursing varies substantially across cities in the United States.

Courses Taught

SOCIOL 101-6: American Families after the Sexual Revolution Syllabus
SOCIOL 210: Families and Society Syllabus
SOCIOL 305: Demography Syllabus
SOCIOL 310: Family and Social Learning Syllabus
SOCIOL 376: Families: A Global Approach Syllabus
SOCIOL 476: Topics in Sociological: Analysis: Sociology of Families Syllabus


Income Inequality: New Trends and Research Directions
With Leslie McCall; Annual Review of Sociology  2010

Becoming a Dad: Employment Trajectories of Married, Cohabiting, and Non-resident Fathers
With Christopher Wildeman; Social Science Quarterly 2008

Opting Out? Cohort Differences in Professional Women’s Employment Rates from 1960 to 2005
American Sociological Review 2008

Associations of Childhood Religious Attendance, Family Structure, and Nonmarital Fertility across Cohorts
With Christopher Wildeman; Journal of Marriage and Family 2009

Family Structure and the Reproduction of Inequalities
With Sara McLanahan; Annual Review of Sociology 2008

Inequality among American Families with Children: 1975-2005
With Bruce Western and Deirdre Bloome; American Sociological Review 2008

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