Ad Hoc Faculty

Jeremy Freese | Ad Hoc Professor of Sociology

Jeremy Freese
  • Specialty Area(s):  Biosociology; Demography; Inequality/Stratification; Medical Sociology and Health; Organization Theory; Quantitative Methodology; Science, Knowledge/Technology; Social Psychology
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Science and Technology, Health and Illness, Social Inequality, Research Methods
  • Office Location: Department of Sociology, Stanford University
  • E-mail:

Leslie McCall | Professor - Ad Hoc

Leslie McCall
  • Specialty Area(s):  Economic Sociology; Inequality/Stratification; Organizations, Occupations, and Work; Political Sociology; Quantitative Methodology; Race, Gender, and Class; Sex and Gender; Theory
  • Area(s) of Interest:  Social Inequality, Methods/Social Theory