Last NameNameTypeSubfield(s)Interests
FreeseJeremy FreeseAd Hoc FacultyScience, Knowledge/Technology, Quantitative Methodology, Demography, Social Psychology, Biosociology, Medical Sociology and Health, Inequality/Stratification, Organization TheoryScience and Technology, Health and Illness, Social Inequality, Research Methods
SchnaibergAllan SchnaibergIn MemoriamEnvironmental Sociology, Economy and Society, Family
MoskosCharles MoskosIn MemoriamMilitary Sociology, Greek Americans
MackRaymond MackIn MemoriamRace Relations and Urban Policies
DanielsArlene Kaplan DanielsIn MemoriamSociology of work/occupations and Studies in Education
StinchcombeArthur StinchcombeEmeritusLaw and Society, Economic SociologyScience and Technology, Economy and Society
BeckBernard BeckEmeritusTheoryArt/Music, Cultural Sociology
CookThomas CookEmeritusEducation, Development and Change, Social PsychologySocial Science Methodology, Evaluation Research, Social Science of Human Development
BeiselNicola BeiselEmeritusCulture, Race, Gender, and Class, Sex and Gender, Political Sociology, Historical SociologyCultural Sociology, Sex and Gender
AlemdarogluAyça AlemdaroğluVisiting and ResearchPolitical Sociology, Sex and Gender, UrbanPolitical sociology, urban sociology, sociology of youth, and gender and sex
Ozgöde Onur Özgöde Visiting and ResearchCulture, Political Sociology, Science, Knowledge/Technology, Historical Sociology, Theory, Economic SociologyMoney, Credit, and Finance; Economic Governance and Policy; State; Capitalism; Economy and Society; Sociology of Expertise and Calculation
PangIrene PangVisiting and ResearchQualitative Methodology, Development and Change, Political SociologyDevelopment, Citizenship, Labor, Comparative Research, Ethnography, China, India
LazarusJeanne LazarusVisiting and ResearchEconomic SociologyMoney, Credit and Banking; Financialization; Social Policy; Poverty
BartlettJackson Christopher BartlettVisiting and ResearchUrban Governance; Race, Gender, and Sexuality; Qualitative Methods; Political Economy
NortonAaron NortonVisiting and ResearchSocial PsychologyGender and Sexuality Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Social Studies of Risk, Biopolitics and HIV/AIDS
HenningStefan HenningVisiting and ResearchReligion20th Century Chinese History, Anthropology of Muslim Societies, Religious Activism, Friedrich Nietzsche
ErensuSinan ErensuVisiting and ResearchEconomic Sociology, Development and Change, Urban, Environment and TechnologyTheory, Political Sociology, Historical/Comparative Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Social Movements, Development
Papachristos Andrew V. Papachristos Core FacultyLaw and Society, Quantitative Methodology, Inequality/Stratification, Delinquency, UrbanSocial Networks, Urban Neighborhoods, Gun Violence, Street Gangs, and Policing
ClippertonJean ClippertonCore FacultyLaw and Society, Quantitative Methodology, Political Sociology, Social PolicyEuropean Union; Comparative Law
RedbirdBeth Redbird Core FacultyRace, Gender, and Class, Economic Sociology, Organizations, Occupations, and Work, Quantitative Methodology, Inequality/StratificationSocial Closure and Rent, American Indian Inequality, Affluence, Social Interaction, and Survey Methodology
RawlingsCraig RawlingsCore FacultySocial Psychology, Quantitative Methodology, Science, Knowledge/Technology, Culture, Organizations, Occupations, and WorkSocial Network Analysis; Sociology of Organizations; Social Psychology; Culture
Rodríguez-MuñizMichael Rodríguez-MuñizCore FacultyRace, Gender, and Class, Science, Knowledge/Technology, Qualitative Methodology, Political Sociology, Culture, TheorySociology of Race and Ethnicity; Sociology of Knowledge and Culture; Political Sociology; Science and Technology Studies; Social Theory; Ethnography and Qualitative Methodologies
BraunRobert BraunCore FacultyReligion, Historical Sociology, Social Movements, Political SociologyAltruism and Social Solidarity; Historical Sociology; Peace, War, and Social Conflict; Political Sociology; Sociology of Religion; Social Movements and Collective Behavior
Watkins-HayesCeleste Watkins-HayesCore FacultySocial Policy, Urban, Sex and Gender, Inequality/Stratification, Race, Gender, and Class, Medical Sociology and Health, Qualitative MethodologyUrban Poverty, HIV/AIDS, Formal Organizations (non-profit and government), Qualitative Methods
ThistleSusan ThistleCore FacultySex and Gender, Historical Sociology, Environment and TechnologyEnvironment, Gender, Historical and Comparative
StewartQuincy Thomas StewartCore FacultyInequality/Stratification, Race, Gender, and Class, Aging and the Life Course, Quantitative Methodology, Medical Sociology and Health, DemographyRace and Ethnicity, Health and Mortality
SnyderKarrie Ann SnyderCore FacultyOrganizations, Occupations, and Work, Family, Qualitative Methodology, Sex and Gender, Medical Sociology and HealthWork, Health
QuillianLincoln QuillianCore FacultyUrban, Inequality/Stratification, Demography, Quantitative MethodologyUrban Sociology, Social Stratification, Race and Ethnicity, Quantitative Research Methods, Demography
PrasadMonica PrasadCore FacultyHistorical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Social Policy, Political SociologyComparative Historical Analysis
PercheskiChristine PercheskiCore FacultyFamily, Demography, Inequality/StratificationFamily, Demography, Stratification and Social Inequality, Work and Occupations, Health
PattilloMary PattilloCore FacultyUrban, Race, Gender, and Class, Inequality/StratificationUrban Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Inequality
OrloffAnn Shola OrloffCore FacultySex and Gender, Race, Gender, and Class, Historical Sociology, Social Policy, Inequality/Stratification, Political Sociology, TheoryComparative Historical Sociology; Global and Transnational Sociology; Inequality/Stratification; Political Sociology; Race, Gender, and Class; Sex and Gender; Social Policy; Theory
NielsenLaura Beth NielsenCore FacultySex and Gender, Race, Gender, and Class, Law and Society, Inequality/StratificationSociology of Law, Inequality, Gender, Race
NelsonRobert NelsonCore FacultyRace, Gender, and Class, Organizations, Occupations, and Work, Law and Society, Inequality/Stratification, Sex and Gender, Economic SociologySociology of Law, Professions, Inequality
MorrisAldon MorrisCore FacultyTheory, Inequality/Stratification, Race, Gender, and Class, Social Movements, ReligionBlack Social Protest, Sociological Theory, Sociology of W. E. B. Du Bois, Social Inequality, Race
MahoneyJames MahoneyCore FacultyQualitative Methodology, Development and Change, Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, TheoryComparative Sociology, Development, Methodology
HunterAlbert HunterCore FacultyUrban, Science, Knowledge/Technology, Race, Gender, and Class, Delinquency, Literature, Organizations, Occupations, and Work, Qualitative MethodologyMultimethod Research, Rhetoric and Literature, Urban Sociology
HeimerCarol HeimerCore FacultyAfrican Studies, Development and Change, Qualitative Methodology, Science, Knowledge/Technology, Medical Sociology and Health, Organizations, Occupations, and Work, Theory, Law and SocietyMedical Sociology, Sociological Theory
HaganJohn HaganCore FacultyLaw and Society, Delinquency, TheoryCriminology
GriswoldWendy GriswoldCore FacultyLiterature, Urban, Historical Sociology, African Studies, Culture, Science, Knowledge/TechnologyCultural Sociology, Sociology of Literature, Urban Representations
FineGary Alan FineCore FacultySocial Movements, Culture, Qualitative Methodology, Theory, Social Psychology, Science, Knowledge/TechnologyCultural Sociology
EspelandWendy EspelandCore FacultyScience, Knowledge/Technology, Culture, Qualitative MethodologyCultural Sociology
EpsteinSteven EpsteinCore FacultySexualities, Inequality/Stratification, Theory, Social Movements, Science, Knowledge/Technology, Culture, Medical Sociology and Health, Sex and GenderScience, knowledge, and technology; Health and biomedicine; Sexualities; Social movements; Theory; culture; Inequalities
ChenAnthony S. ChenCore FacultyEconomic Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Policy, Historical Sociology, Race, Gender, and ClassAmerican political development since the New Deal with a special focus on business-government relations, civil rights, and social policy
CarruthersBruce CarruthersCore FacultyHistorical Sociology, Organizations, Occupations, and Work, Law and Society, Economic SociologyComparative Sociology, Economy and Society, Sociology of Law, Sociology of Organizations
CarilloHéctor Carrillo Core FacultyTransnationalism and Immigration, SexualitiesSexualities, Race/Ethnicity, Migration, Transnationalism, Health Promotion, and HIV/AIDS.
CamicCharles CamicCore FacultyEducation, Science, Knowledge/Technology, Historical Sociology, Religion, Theory, Culture, Sex and GenderClassical/Contemporary Sociological Theory, Sociology of Ideas/Knowledge, Sociology of Science, Historical Sociology, Sociology of Education, History of Sociology and Social Thought