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Mailing Address:
Northwestern University
Department of Sociololgy
1810 Chicago Avenue
Evanston, IL 60208-1330

Nicola Beisel

Beisel, Nicola
(On leave winter quarter)
1810 Chicago Ave., Rm 223
(847) 467-1250

Cultural Sociology, Sex and Gender, Historical Sociology

Charles Camic

Camic, Charles
1808 Chicago Ave., Rm 107
(847) 491-5671

Classical/Contemporary Sociological Theory, Sociology of Ideas/Knowledge, Sociology of Science, History of Sociology and Social Thought, Historical Sociology

Hector Carrillo

Carrillo, Hector
(847) 467-0516

Latino Culture and Ethnicity, Sexuality, Migration, Health

bruce carruthers

Carruthers, Bruce
1808 Chicago Ave., Rm 203
(847) 467-1251

Comparative/Historical Sociology, Economy and Society, Sociology of Law, Sociology of Organizations

Anthony Chen

Chen, Anthony S.
1808 Chicago Ave., Rm 105
(847) 467-0515

American Political Development/Public Policy (since the New Deal), Historical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Racial Inequality

Carolyn Chen

Chen, Carolyn
1808 Chicago Ave., Rm 103
(847) 467-4069

Asian American Studies, Religion, Race/Ethnicity, Migration

Thomas Cook

Cook, Thomas
617 Library Pl (IPR), Rm 22
(847) 491-3776

Social Psychology, Social Science/Human Development, Evaluation Research, Education

Steven Epstein

Epstein, Steven
(847) 491-5536

Sociology of Biomedicine, Sociology of Science, Social Movements, Health and Inequality, Sociology of Sexuality, LGBT Studies

Wendy Espeland

Espeland, Wendy
(Colloquium Coordinator)
1808 Chicago Ave., Rm 207
(847) 467-1252

Cultural Sociology, Organizations-formal/complex, Qualitative Methodology

Gary Alan Fine

Fine, Gary Alan
(On Leave)
1810 Chicago Ave., Rm 221
(847) 491-3495

Social Psychology, Cultural Sociology, Qualitative Methodology, Science, Knowledge/Technology

Jeremy Freese

Freese, Jeremy
1810 Chicago Ave., Rm 222
(847) 467-3985

Social Psychology, Science and Technology, Health and Illness, Social Inequality, Research Methods

Wendy Griswold

Griswold, Wendy
(Chair of Graduate Admissions)
1810 Chicago Ave., Rm 227
(847) 491-2701

Cultural Sociology, Sociology of Literature, Urban Representations

John Hagan

Hagan, John
1812 Chicago Ave., Rm 207
(847) 491-5688

Criminology/Delinquency, Law and Society, Theory

Carol Heimer

Heimer, Carol
(Director of Graduate Studies)
1808 Chicago Ave., Rm 109
(847) 491-7480

Law and Society, Organizations-formal/complex, Medical Sociology, Sociological Theory

Albert Hunter

Hunter, Albert
1812 Chicago Ave., Rm 203
(847) 491-3804

Urban Sociology

Mahoney, James
(847) 491-2626

National Development, Qualitative Methodology, Macro Theory

Leslie McCall

McCall, Leslie
(Director of Undergraduate Studies)
1812 Chicago Ave., Rm 305
(847) 467-1327

Social Inequality, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Methods/Social Theory

Aldon Morris

Morris, Aldon
1812 Chicago Ave., Rm 102
(847) 491-3448

Social Movements, Black Social Protest, Sociological Theory, Sociology of W. E. B. Du Bois, Social Inequality, Race, Religion

Robert Nelson

Nelson, Robert
Director of American Bar Foundation
1810 Chicago Ave., Rm 321
(847) 491-3203

Law and Society, Organizations-formal/complex, Occupations and Professions

Laura Beth Nielsen

Nielsen, Laura Beth
Director of Legal Studies
1808 Chicago Ave., Rm 209
(847) 491-3718

Sociology of Law, Inequality, Gender, Race

Ann Shola Orloff

Orloff, Ann Shola
(On Leave)
1808 Chicago Ave., Rm 201
(847) 491-3719

Comparative-Historical Sociology, Gender and Social Inequalities, Theory, Political Sociology

Mary Pattillo

Pattillo, Mary
(847) 491-3409

Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Urban Sociology, Qualitative Methodology

christine percheski

Percheski, Christine
(On Leave)
1812 Chicago Ave., Rm 208
(847) 491-2697

Demography, Stratification and Social Inequality, Work and Occupations, Health

Prasad, Monica
1810 Chicago Ave., Rm 327
(847) 491-3899

Political Sociology, Economic Sociology, Comparative Historical Analysis

Lincoln Quillian

Quillian, Lincoln
1812 Chicago Ave., Rm 303
(847) 491-7488

Social Stratification, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Sociology, Quantitative Research Methods

Karrie Snyder

Snyder, Karrie Ann
1808 Chicago Ave., Rm 106
(847) 467-0517

Gender, Family, Work, Health

Quincy Thomas Stewart

Stewart, Quincy Thomas
(847) 491-7044

Demography, Race and Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods, Health and Mortality

Susan Thistle

Thistle, Susan
(Associate Chair)
1808 Chicago Ave., Rm 110
(847) 491-3358

Environment, Gender, Historical and Comparative

Celeste Watkins-Hayes

Watkins-Hayes, Celeste (On leave)

Urban Poverty; Social Policy; HIV/AIDS; Formal Organizations (non-profit and government); Race, Class, and Gender


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Carolyn Chen

Anderson, Elisabeth
(Visiting Faculty)
515 Clark Street, Rm 205
Phone: 1-847-467-3986

Comparative/historical sociology, political sociology, sociology of childhood and youth, welfare states and social policy, gender, and theory.
Bernard Beck

Beck, Bernard
(847) 467-1250

Theory, Art/Music, Cultural Sociology

Evren Savci

Craciun, Mariana
(Postdoctoral Fellow)
1812 Chicago Avenue, Rm 109
Phone: 1-847-491-2741

Professions and Expertise, Social Studies of Science, Sociological Theory, Medical Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Immigration

Greene, Theodore
(Visiting Faculty)
515 Clark Street, Rm 202
Phone: 1-847-491-7244
Urban/Community Sociology; Sexualities; Race, Class, and Gender; Social Movements; Qualitative Methods
Stefan Henning

Henning, Stefan
(Visiting Scholar)

20th Century Chinese History, Anthropology of Muslim Societies, Religious Activism, Friedrich Nietzsche

Koski, Jessica
(Visiting Faculty)
515 Clark Street, Rm 205
Phone: 1-847-491-2704
Sociology of Science and Technology; Environmental Sociology; Social Movements; Medical Sociology

Yael Israel-Cohen
(Visiting Scholar)
Crowe Hall, Rm 4-131
Phone: 1-847-467-5652

Collective Trauma, Postraumatic Stress, Education and Adolescents' Well-being, Sociology of Religion, Gender

Norton, Aaron
(SPAN Postdoctoral Fellow)
1810 Chicago Avenue, Rm 323
Phone: 1-847-467-4139

Gender and Sexuality Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Social Studies of Risk, Biopolitics and HIV/AIDS, Social Psychology

Stinchcombe, Arthur
cell: (847) 373-3734

Law and Society, Science and Technology, Economy and Society

Christian Ukaegbu

Ukaegbu, Christian
Visiting Scholar

Development and Change, Political Economy, Organizations, African Studies

Zhang, Jun
Visiting Scholar
Modern Theories in Sociology, Sociology of Economy


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Pablo Boczkowski
Communication Studies

William Ocasio
Kellogg School of Management

Jeannette Colyvas
School of Education and Social Policy

Lauren Rivera
Kellogg School of Management

Terence C. Halliday
American Bar Foundation

James Rosenbaum
School of Education and Social Policy

Eszter Hargittai
Communication Studies

Edward (Ned) Smith
Kellogg School of Management

Barnor Hesse
African American Studies

Linda Teplin
Medical School/Clinical Psychology

Paul Hirsch
Kellogg School of Management

Brian Uzzi
Kellogg School of Management

Simone Ispa-Landa
School of Education and Social Policy

Klaus Weber
Kellogg School of Management

Brayden King
Kellogg School of Management

Edward Zajac
Kellogg School of Management

Jennifer Light
Communication Studies


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Faculty | Visiting Faculty | Affiliated and Joint Appointments | In Memoriam



Daniels, Arlene Kaplan
Professor Emeritus

Sociology of work/occupations and Studies in

Mack, Raymond,
Professor Emeritus

Race Relations and Urban Policies

Charles Moskos

Moskos, Charles
Professor Emeritus

Military Sociology and Greek Americans

Allan Schnaiberg

Schnaiberg, Allan
Professor Emeritus

Environmental Sociology, Economy and Society, Family


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