AY 2017-18 Schedule

**All listings tentative until courses go live for registration in Caesar**





SOCIOL 400 Intro to Social Data Jean Clipperton Fall
SOCIOL 401-1 Analysis of Social Data I Lincoln Quillian Winter
SOCIOL 401-2 Analysis of Social Data II Lincoln Quillian Spring
SOCIOL 403 Field Methods Carol Heimer Spring
SOCIOL 406-1 Classical Theory Wendy Espeland Fall
SOCIOL 406-2 (formerly 476) Race, Gender, Du Bois, & Sociological Theory Aldon Morris Spring
SOCIOL 406-3 (formerly 406-2) Contemporary Theory Wendy Espeland Winter
SOCIOL 440 Stratification, Race, & Gender Mary Pattillo Fall
SOCIOL 476 Third-Year Paper Seminar Jane Pryma Fall
SOCIOL 476 Neoliberalism Monica Prasad Fall
SOCIOL 476 Sociology of Sexuality Hector Carrillo Fall
SOCIOL 476 Microsociology Gary Fine Fall
SOCIOL 476 Many Hands of the State Ann Orloff Fall
SOCIOL 476 Sociology of Families Christine Percheski Winter
SOCIOL 476 War and Society Robert Braun & Daniel Krcmaric Winter
SOCIOL 476 Research Design Monica Prasad Winter
SOCIOL 476 Design and Analysis of Surveys Beth Red Bird Winter
SOCIOL 476 Interview Methods Celeste Watkins-Hayes Spring
SOCIOL 476 Health, Biomedicine, Culture, & Society Steven Epstein Spring
SOCIOL 476 Demography Quincy Stewart Spring
SOCIOL 476 Law & Global Capitalism Bruce Carruthers & Stephen Nelson Spring
SOCIOL 480 Intro to the Discipline Anthony Johnson Fall & Winter
SOCIOL 490 Research: Second-Year Paper Alka Menon Fall & Winter
SOCIOL 570 Seminar on College Teaching Erik Lovell Spring